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Spiritual Healer, Rev. Liliana Barzola, Comes to New England!

Medieval Superhero
Joan of Arc
Ancient Teachings to Right the Light in Modern Times
Join Bri Condon &
Rev. Liliana Barzola
Spiritual Healer Rev. Liliana Barzola 

She has experienced the adventures of marriage, divorce, deaths of loved ones, chronic illness, single parenting and overcoming the trauma of domestic violence. These things have leveled her, humbled her, tormented her and forced her to grow. She channels a deep reservoir of compassion and laughter to help get you through it all too.
Enrollment opens now just fill out the form below to reserve your spot for class and to schedule an Intuitive Session with Liliana please call the number above or email.
(You will receiving complimentary materials Nov. 1st)

Rev. Liliana Barzola, an intuitive since childhood, uses her gift to enable individuals, couples, and organizations to find clarity and direction. She is a first generation born, successful Latina entrepreneur and resides in Oregon, U.S.A. She has conducted over 20,000 intuitive sessions, and taught over 600 students, since 2002. Her practice, Lotus Lantern Healing Arts, has an international clientele including individuals in Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Africa, the UK, and every US state.

Intuitive Session in Vermont -Rev. Liliana Barzola

When: Wednesday Nov. 8th 9am-3pm

What: 60 min private session for $155.00

How: Call Lora 503.320.6882 or email lora@lotuslantern.org to reserve your spot now.

Where: Emerald River Wellness Center in Bristol Vermont @25 Mountain View St, Bristol VT 05443. Thanks to our gracious host Sarah Wylie ND



$50.00 at the door limited space so you must RSVP in the form below.

Join Rev. Liliana Barzola and her partner Bri Condon for a mystical journey with grounded practical tools. Both are masterful storytellers. Their vibrant teaching style is a blend of creativity, humor and playfulness. This a 2 1/2 hr adventure in which we explore the unapologetic and kick ass nature of Joan of Arc. Allow us to guide you into the soul of this ancient archetype and you will draw strength in these times of overwhelm and confusion. Joan used her intuition, temperament, non-binary understanding of gender, her strategic mind, and courageous heart to overturn disaster. 

Bri Condon, M.A.

 An executive coach and entrepreneurial wizard. She has been a program director, operations manager and an executive director for a variety of agencies. Bri Condon has worked inside and around DHS Child Welfare programming in Oregon since 2008. She's made history by getting 18 different types of experiential opportunities approved for traumatized youth in care. Bri holds a B.S in Outdoor Education from UNH focusing on struggling populations as well as a Masters Degree in Risk Management in Adventure Programming.